The Virtual Engineering can be seen as an integration of geometric models (CAD models) and engineering tools for analysis, simulation, optimization and decision making (CAE methods and techniques) within a computer generated Virtual Reality environment, supporting the interdisciplinary collaborative process for new products development.

The virtual environment provides user-centric perspective allowing natural interaction with the engineering system, as well as an access to a wide range of engineering tools. Operation in a such environment requires enhanced models including geometry, physics and different quantitative and qualitative data for the real system. It enables the user to monitor the operating system and to see, how it responds in case of design or functional modifications. The main goal of the Virtual Engineering is to engage the human capacity for carrying out complex analysis and assessments only. Now, the engineers can focus on the decision making and not only on the below laying information. As result the duration of the design cycle and costs can be significantly reduced.

The Virtual Engineering Centre of the Technical University Sofia is unique for Bulgaria. It has been established in 2007 and bears the name of its founder Prof. Ilia Boyadjiev. The scientific and research areas where the Centre woks are: IT, system design, virtual prototyping, industrial, medical and architectural product optimization and manufacturing preparation.